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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

How to choose the best gold ring for men

How to choose the best gold ring for men

This time I will share tips How to choose the best gold ring for men. Currently, gold rings are not only loved by women. In addition to wedding rings, lately many men are also using gold rings as daily accessories. Be it yellow gold or white gold, plain or inlaid with precious stones, all can be chosen according to your wishes. At a glance, there are physical differences between rings for men and women. In engagement and wedding rings, the decorations on men's rings are simpler than women's. Sometimes, men's wedding rings or fiancées are just plain without accessories such as gemstones. Then, in accessory rings, the main feature of men's rings is their wide shape. When it comes to decoration, there are many options. Some have no decorations, but are just plain or have an engraved logo. However, there are also men's rings that have a lot of stone embellishments. Everything of course must be adjusted to your wishes.

How to choose the best gold ring for men for you

To get the best ring, there are several things that must be considered in How to choose the best gold ring for men.

Choose according to the type of gold

Talking about gold rings, there are two types of gold that can be chosen as men's accessories. Both have a different look and price. Yellow gold: Classic and purer. Yellow gold rings are the most classic choice. The yellow color comes from the pure gold content in the ring. You can find out the pure gold content from the carat value of the ring. The higher the carat value, the higher the pure gold content. One of the advantages of choosing a high-carat yellow gold ring is that it is hypoallergenic. Therefore, high carat pure gold rings are safe for everyone, including those of you who have sensitive skin. In addition, buying yellow gold jewelry can also be considered as an investment because the selling price is fairly stable. However, keep in mind that pure gold metal is soft. Thus, a high carat value indicates the ring is softer and therefore more prone to deformation. So, make sure you consider these points as well before choosing. White gold: More elegant and attractive. White gold has become quite a popular choice because of its refreshing appearance. In addition, jewelry that uses white gold is elegant and has its own charm. By combining gold metal with another white metal, white gold is created. For optimal luster, the ring will be coated with rhodium. Compared to yellow gold, white gold rings do not have a very high carat value. The maximum carat value is only 18 carats. This makes white gold rings stronger, but the alloy can pose a risk of allergies. If you want to choose a white gold ring for a man, make sure you don't have an allergy to the alloy. Pay attention to the carat content of the gold ring When buying a gold ring, you will definitely come across the term carat. This term indicates the pure gold content of your ring. The higher the carat, the higher the pure gold content in the ring. The following details the number of carats that are generally found in men's gold rings. 24 Carat: 24/24 gold grade means it contains 100% pure gold. A ring with 24 carats has a very high price. It is the softest compared to other rust grade rings. 18 Carat: Gold grade 18/24 means it contains 75% gold and 25% metal. The 18 carat ring is the most widely found on the market. 14 Carat: Gold grade 14/24 means it contains 58% gold and 42% metal. 14 Carat gold ring has a fairly strong durability considering the metal content of the alloy is almost half. 9 Carat: Gold grade 9/24 means it contains 37.5% gold and 62.5% metal. Talking about the most ideal gold ring for everyday life, the 9 Carat ring is the answer. This ring is quite strong, but if you have sensitive skin, pay attention to the alloy.

Determine the gold ring model according to the intended use

Gold rings for men can be categorized into three types according to their use. Accessory type gold ring: customize according to personal taste. A gold ring or accessory type jewelry ring is a ring that is worn for everyday use. Unlike engagement or wedding rings, there are no rules about where you should wear them. You just need to adjust it to your convenience. These rings usually don't have a special meaning, but they can show your personal style or personality. Therefore, you should choose the one that really suits your taste. Plus, if it matches your favorite style, you're sure to feel more confident wearing it. Engagement ring: choose simple. An engagement ring is a ring that is used to show the seriousness of your relationship with your partner. An engagement ring can be said to be a symbol of a man's proposal to a woman. Therefore, most engagement rings are only worn by women. Although not mandatory, there are also some men who use an engagement ring as a sign of binding. This ring is worn on the ring finger of the right or left hand. Usually, engagement rings for men are simpler than rings for women, for example plain without accessories. Wedding rings: make sure the design is what you want. Unlike the engagement ring, the wedding ring is more mandatory for life. Therefore, it is important to choose the design that best suits your wishes. You can choose a ring or plain accessories. However, there are also those who make their engagement rings as wedding rings. At first, wedding rings had identical designs between men's and women's rings. However, now wedding rings can have different designs between men and women. Of course, men's wedding ring models are still simpler than women's rings. One of the popular designs to date is a plain ring or with a single gemstone. If it feels too plain, there are also those who use a combination of gold, for example white gold and yellow gold. The reason is, the simple design can make the ring easy to wear, especially if you rarely use accessories.

Adjust ring width to finger length

When choosing a ring, you also need to adjust the width of the ring to the length of the finger. For long fingers, the width of the ring that can be selected is more varied. On the other hand, if you have relatively short fingers, you should choose a ring that is not too wide. The goal is that the fingers do not look short. This makes a ring design that is suitable for one person may not be suitable for another. Therefore, if a friend has a ring and you like it, do not rush to choose the same design. Adjust it first with your finger so that the ring looks better when worn.


Not only women, men can also use rings for everyday. However, make sure the model fits your personal style! In addition, choose a ring with the right size and width for your finger. I hope my article about How to choose the best gold ring for men can help you find the right ring. Don't forget to buy a ring that fits your budget.