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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Tips for choosing the best black tie for men

Tips for choosing the best black tie for men

Tips for choosing the best black tie for men. Sooner or later, a man will need a black tie. Whether for work, attending a friend's wedding or a romantic dinner, a black tie can make you more handsome.

A black tie is not just a bow tie model that is usually paired with a suit, you know. However, there are also long ties of very diverse sizes. Confused about choosing a good black tie? In this article, I will give Tips for choosing the best black tie for men.

Tips for choosing the best black tie for men for you

Here are some things to consider when choosing a black tie and keep in mind that the right size and pattern that fits the occasion is key.

Match the type of tie to the event you are attending

There are several types of black ties to choose from, such as bow ties and Four-handed knot or regular ties. Check out my explanation of the types of black ties and their differences below.

Bow tie: Must be paired with a black suit for formal occasions. Need a tie for a formal event, like an important meeting with a business client or a romantic dinner with your loved one? if like that you can wear a black bow tie.

To combine it, you can use this tie with a white shirt and black suit or tuxedo and this outfit is perfect for evening events.

Four-handed knot: Can be used for casual to formal events. This is the usual type of tie that you will often find on the market. Its use is very versatile, it can be used for casual, semi-formal, to formal events. Types of size also vary, ranging from thin to wide. This tie can also be worn during the day or night. You can combine it with various outfits, from regular shirts to formal suits.

Make sure the tie size fits your posture

Ties do make a man look more handsome and authoritative, with a note that the tie fits. If the tie used is too small or too big, it will make you look chaotic. Adjust the width and length of the tie you want to buy with your posture and the outfit you want to wear.

Tie width is measured from the widest end of the tie. Here is my reference on black tie widths for you to consider.

5 cm–6.35 cm: This size belongs to the thin tie category commonly used by teenagers. This tie can be paired with casual makeup. In fact, some teenagers used to make it an attribute when performing with their band.

7.5 cm: This tie is known as a narrow tie. The size is not as thin as a slim tie, but also not as wide as a standard tie. You can combine it with formal clothes to get a modern impression. This tie can be used by adults who have a small body.

8.25 cm: Normal tie sizes usually range from 3–3.25 inches. No wonder this tie is also called a standard tie.

More than 9 cm: It is large and identical to the old tie, so it is called a traditional tie. You can give it to parents who still like vintage style.

Meanwhile, measure the length as the tie is stretched, then measure the ends from one end to the other. The following is my reference to tie lengths to make it easier for you to choose the type of tie you want.

130 cm-140 cm: This is the normal length of the tie most people wear. You can combine it with formal clothes to make it look more professional.

Over 140 cm: This tie is suitable for those of you who are big or taller.

Choose a tie material that is comfortable to wear all day

There are several tie materials commonly used, such as silk, satin, and cotton. Here I explain the advantages of each tie material that you need to know.

Silk fabric: Premium and classy material. Silk ties are known for their softness when held. On the other hand, silk fabric also turns out to be very strong and durable. This fabric includes fabrics that have high elasticity.

Silk also symbolizes a tie with premium and classy materials. Ties made of silk usually have a more expensive price than other tie materials. This type of tie is also commonly used for important occasions.

Satin fabric: Good alternative to silk fabric. If you're looking for a tie that has a silky feel, but is more affordable, try satin. Actually satin is still included in the silk material class. However, there are slight differences on the surface. Satin is smoother and shinier than silk. In terms of softness, these two materials are quite similar.

Cotton fabric: Cool and comfortable material. Another material that is often used to make ties is cotton. Cotton is famous for its soft character, cool on the skin, and absorbs sweat. It can be said that cotton ties are the most commonly found because in terms of prices, they are quite affordable and of good quality. Besides being able to be used for a formal look, this tie is also suitable to be combined with semi-formal, modern, and even casual outfits.


A black tie can be used for various occasions, such as a romantic dinner, a meeting, applying for a job, or to a wedding invitation. There is nothing wrong with having some black tie models, such as bow ties and long ties. When choosing, pay attention to the size, motif, and material of manufacture.

The right tie size will make you look more dapper and handsome. Meanwhile, the tie material determines your comfort when using it. Of course, a black tie makes you look like a real gentleman.

That's my article about Tips for choosing the best black tie for men.