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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Tips for choosing the best cardigan for men

Tips for choosing the best cardigan for men

Tips for choosing the best cardigan for men. Since the rapid development of fashion trends, cardigans have become very popular among men. Cardigan is also the right outfit for cold weather and can also warm at the same time. You can wear it every day or when traveling to cold climates.

Because there are so many models of men's cardigans out there, this time I will share Tips for choosing the best cardigan for men for you.

Tips for choosing the best cardigan for men for you

Before getting to know the best cardigan products for men, know how to choose one because that way, you will definitely find it easier to find the right cardigan.

Pay attention to the fit of the cardigan

The men's cardigan has three different types of fit. In addition to relating to comfort, you can also adjust to your body shape to make it more pleasing to the eye.

Slim fit: slim cut and follows your curves. As the name implies, a slim fit cardigan means it has a slim cut. In other words, this cardigan will follow the curves of the body when used. This cut is ideal for men as it accentuates an athletic body shape.

However, choosing a slim fit cardigan can be a little tricky because it is not uncommon for a cardigan to be considered too small. Therefore, there is a trick to getting the right slim fit cardigan.

The trick is to make sure the seam between the body and sleeve of the cardigan falls just above the shoulder.

Regular fit: comfortable and stylish. Cardigan with regular fit is a cardigan that is said to be the most suitable for men. The reason is, the cardigan is not too attached and not too loose so it is more comfortable, but still fashionable.

When compared to a slim fit cardigan, this model has a slightly larger body. Therefore, this cardigan will not highlight the curves of the body.

Loose fit: free to move and fashionable. For a more casual and relaxed look, you can choose a loose cardigan. Sometimes, a loose cardigan is also known as an oversized cardigan. That is, this cardigan will not highlight the curves of the body, but seems loose. This cardigan model is considered the most modern compared to the two previous models.

When buying a loose fit cardigan, you still have to pay attention to the location of the seam ends on the shoulders. The reason is, if the stitches don't fit, you will look like you are wearing an oversized cardigan. This can actually make you look less than optimal.

Consider a convenient type of fastener

Cardigan binding can also be one part that must be considered. In addition to providing a different look, the binding can also determine the comfort of use.

Button: Neat style standard. Historically, the cardigan was a button-down sweater. Therefore, classic cardigan models generally use buttons as hooks.

The number of buttons used on each cardigan also varies. Of course, the more buttons, the more impractical to use a cardigan.

Zipper: Practical and unique. As the newest variation, there are cardigans for men which are made by using a zipper as a fastener even though the product is not too much. This is because zippers are more practical to use than buttons, especially for men.

Even so, a cardigan with a zip fastening is more often considered a jacket. In fact, jackets and cardigans come in a variety of shapes and materials. Cardigans are generally made of knitted material, while jackets use more diverse materials.

Choose a large knit cardigan if you want a more classic impression

By definition, a cardigan is a sweater made of knitted material that has buttons on the front. Just like sweaters, cardigans are also made using knitted materials. However, there are many types of knitting used for cardigans. For example there is a regular single crochet and there is a textured or chunky knit.

Each type of knitting gives a different impression. For the most common styles, you can choose a regular crochet cardigan. If you want to look more classic and vintage, you can choose a textured knitted cardigan with large threads.


Cardigans are a stylish outer choice for men. Besides being more comfortable, cardigans can also give a softer and masculine appearance. In essence, choose a cardigan whose style suits you.

I hope my article about Tips for choosing the best cardigan for men can help you find the right cardigan.