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Friday, September 10, 2021

Tips for choosing the best ripped jeans for men

Tips for choosing the best ripped jeans for men

Tips for choosing the best ripped jeans for men. Ripped jeans are jeans with ripped accents. This model is much liked by women and men because it can give a cool and trendy impression.

If you are interested in using it, but are still unsure because you are confused about choosing the right one, first read my article. In this article I will discuss about Tips for choosing the best ripped jeans for men.

Tips for choosing the best ripped jeans for men for you

Men's ripped jeans have been sold in a number of fashion outlets. However, before buying men's ripped jeans make sure you know the style and model that is right for you.

Find ripped jeans that suit your body shape

Like women's jeans, men's jeans are also available in several types. You can choose it based on your body shape. By wearing the right model, jeans will look more proportional when worn and your appearance can look more attractive!

Regular fit: has a straight cut from base to tip. Regular fit is the most common cut of jeans for men. If you are the type of man who is simple and uncomplicated, you can choose this jeans model. Regular fit has a straight cut from base to tip. This type is suitable for those of you who have an ideal body shape.

If you are thin or have large leg bones, it is better to avoid this model. For thin men, regular fit pants will actually make your appearance sink even more. On the other hand, for those of you who have big bones, these pants can actually make you wider.

Slim fit: makes the body look slimmer. Slim fit is suitable for those of you who want to appear slimmer. The cut follows the curve of your foot and forms your foot. If you have an inverted triangular body shape with a small waist, these pants are perfect for you.
Slim fit is often equated with skinny fit because they are both tight. However, actually slim fit is not as tight as skinny fit. Skinny pants usually have a tighter cut with a narrower hem. The slim fit does narrow at the bottom, but still has enough room so you won't have any trouble wearing it.

Relaxed fit: loose fit for big foot types. For those of you who have big thighs or legs, you will be comfortable wearing casual jeans. This cut is designed loosely from the hips to the hem of the pants. However, the bottom has a smaller tip than the top.

Even so, the pants hole is wide enough and makes air circulation smoother. For those of you who sweat easily, these jeans are also for you. You will feel cooler and free to move.

Choose the rip model that suits your style

There are many models of ripped jeans, ranging from just torn to big torn. Just choose a model that suits your style.

Hole type: identical to the large hole in the pants. This type has the largest tear. Usually, these tears will reveal the skin of the wearer's feet. Men's ripped hole type jeans fit best in the knee area. If you want maximum sloppy impression, choose this torn type.
This type is very comfortable to wear, especially when you are sitting. However, if not cared for properly, this type of hole can widen and tear your jeans to the back. So, when buying, make sure the tear does not exceed the width of the pants.

Type of shreds: in the form of shreds covered with thread. Ripped jeans are a type of rip that is still covered by the thread. The denim looks torn, but it doesn't have holes. This type of tear is the most sought after because it is not too excessive.
On the other hand, you will look more stylish and cool because the pants seem 'broken'. Same with the previous type, you also need to be careful when washing it. Otherwise, the thread covering the tear may be damaged and the tear may turn into a hole.

Type of scratch: tear that resembles a small scratch. This type of tear is the most closed and shows no skin at all. The model is just a small scratch covered in thread. If you are still not comfortable wearing ripped jeans with holes, you can choose this type.
This model does not show the impression of being careless. You can still combine it with formal outfits such as shirts to display a smart casual style. To be worn to the office or school, these jeans are also still polite.

Choose by color

So that you appear more confident, choose the color of ripped jeans according to your taste. The classic blue color is certainly a favorite of many people. This color will never look boring and continues to look cool all the time.
However, you can also choose men's ripped jeans in neutral black. In addition to neutral, black can also make the appearance look more masculine. Various other colors, such as navy, light blue, or even gray are also suitable to try.

How to treat ripped jeans to make them last longer

In order for your ripped jeans to last longer, you must wash and care for your jeans properly. Here I will explain some tips on caring for torn jeans so they don't get damaged quickly.

Better hand washing: Machine washing is faster and more convenient. However, to wash ripped jeans, you should avoid using the washing machine and simply brushing it by hand. Brush gently, not too hard so as not to damage the thread and add new tears.

Wash with salt and vinegar: If the area around the tear is quite stubborn, you can apply salt and vinegar first. Leave it for one night, then brush gently. Salt and vinegar are believed to be effective in removing stubborn dirt.

Don't wash too often: Ideally, jeans don't need to be washed as often. Besides being able to make the color fade quickly, tears in jeans will be damaged more quickly and widen. You certainly don't want your cool torn jeans to be worn out, do you?


Men's ripped jeans are cool to wear, but they need proper care to last a long time. When choosing ripped jeans, make sure you choose the pants based on the cut and type of tear.

Then, adjust the pants to your taste and style to appear more confident. Finally, make sure you care for and clean them properly so that your jeans last longer. That's my writing about Tips for choosing the best ripped jeans for men.