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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Tips for choosing the best titanium necklace for women

Tips for choosing the best titanium necklace for women

Tips for choosing the best titanium necklace for women below: One of the accessories that can maximize a woman's appearance is a necklace. This accessory is often associated with gold or silver, although necklaces made of titanium are no less attractive. Titanium necklaces are also known to be anti-rust and not easy to cause allergies.

If you are interested in buying a titanium necklace, don't forget to pay attention to the chain model. After that, find out if the necklace is given an additional layer, such as gold.

Tips for choosing the best titanium necklace for women

How to choose a titanium necklace is not much different from choosing a necklace in general. However, I will still tell you what points to pay attention to before buying a titanium necklace. Thus, the necklace can be used to its full potential.

Check out some strap designs

Some titanium necklaces have designs that look like chains. Also, you may see titanium necklaces that look like two tendrils wrapped around each other. What are the advantages of different rope designs?

Snake chain: smooth and not easy to get caught in the hair. Snake chain is also known as Brazilian chain. The hallmark of a snake chain is that the chain arrangement is so tight that the necklace looks like it has no gaps at all. In addition, the necklace feels soft to the touch from end to end.

This necklace has two shapes, namely round or flat. Both look beautiful, but tend to be difficult to repair if damaged. However, many women like snake chains because they don't get caught in the hair easily.

Cable chain: strong design and not easy to break. Necklaces with cable chain designs have been around for hundreds of years. The design looks like a chain that is often used to limit roads, but in a smaller size. The cable chain is also one of the strongest chain necklaces. Some jewelry manufacturers usually combine curb chains with other types of chains.

Rope chain: one of the most beautiful: If you are looking for a titanium necklace with a beautiful design, a rope chain necklace might be the right choice. The design of the necklace that is wrapped around like a rope allows it to reflect light from various angles. As a result, the necklace looks more beautiful and shiny.

The strings of a necklace chain will stretch over time and break more easily when pulled. However, you don't have to worry because the necklace can be repaired. However, the repair process may take longer due to the complex design.

Box chain: easy to repair if damaged. The box chain design is thought to have originated in Venice. Therefore, a necklace with a square chain design is also called a venetian chain. This necklace that looks like a bicycle chain does look sturdy, but the possibility of breaking is still possible. Even so, necklaces can still be easily repaired and reused.

To repair a square chain necklace, you can replace it with a new cube chain. If this seems inconvenient, you can remove the damaged part. After that, you just need to put the remaining cube chains together. This may make the necklace length shorter, but it won't drastically change the necklace design.

Find out if there is an extra layer or not

Titanium has a gray tint, but some titanium necklaces have a silver or gold tint. If so, the titanium necklace can be given an additional layer to make it look more shiny. On the other hand, the plating process is carried out so that the titanium necklace resembles silver or gold-based jewelry.

One of the materials that is often used to coat titanium necklaces is gold. Before carrying out the gold plating process, the necklace must be cleaned of dirt and oil and nickel plated. After that, the titanium necklace will be plated with gold with different levels and thicknesses.

Gold used as a coating usually lasts for two years. After that, the gold layer is likely to fade. This is what makes titanium necklaces look like they are discolored or faded. If you use pure titanium (without a gold coating), the color will not fade.

Choose the one with a pendant or not

Manufacturers that make titanium necklaces usually sell their products with pendants, but there are also titanium necklaces that are sold without pendants. If you are planning to buy a titanium necklace with a pendant, first find out if the pendant is permanent or not.

If the pendant is not permanently attached, you can purchase additional pendants so that the necklace can be adapted to the event you are attending.

However, make sure the weight of the pendant you are going to buy is lighter or balanced with the weight of the necklace you have. A pendant that is too heavy can cause the necklace to loosen and eventually break.

In addition, you also have to pay attention to the thickness of the necklace. If you are planning to buy a square chain necklace and a pendant, choose a square chain necklace with a width of 1.5 mm.

However, if you are planning to buy a chain necklace, avoid necklaces that are too thick as they are not suitable for pairing with pendants. Also, small pendants look better when paired with necklaces that are 40–45 cm long. While a longer necklace (about 50–55 cm) is suitable to be combined with a larger pendant.

How much does a titanium necklace cost?

On average, manufacturers sell one titanium piece of jewelry for under $35 (cheaper than gold jewelry). However, the price can be more expensive because some titanium necklaces are added with additional materials. Titanium is also sold in ingots for $15–$30 per bar.

Can titanium necklaces rust?

Titanium is able to form a passive protective oxide layer so it is not easy to rust when exposed to hot sea water. However, a passive protective oxide layer may not form in an anhydrous (non-aqueous) environment. Titanium can be degraded (decreased quality) under certain conditions and titanium resistance is greatly affected by the environment.

Tips for choosing the best titanium necklace for women based on face shape

Titanium necklaces come in various lengths. Well, before choosing a necklace size, I suggest you to pay attention to the shape of the face first. Pay attention to the points below.

Oval: Those of you who have an oval face with a standard height are lucky to be able to use necklaces of various sizes. If you are short, a short necklace (40–45 inches) can be a good choice. Meanwhile, for those of you who have an oval face and are tall, you should choose a long necklace (55 cm and above).

Round: Choker necklaces are best avoided by those with round faces. You can choose a necklace that is slightly longer (45 cm or more) with a pendant added. Necklace will give a thin impression on your face.

Rectangle: A person with a square face usually has a jaw that is parallel (the same width) as the forehead. So that the jaw does not look too tight, you can try a choker necklace. On the other hand, a choker necklace can also create the impression of a level on the neck. These tips also apply to those of you who have a long face.

Heart: If you have a broad forehead and sharp chin, your face shape is most likely a heart. You are suitable to use a short necklace or choker necklace.


Titanium necklaces are no less attractive than gold or silver necklaces. You can choose any titanium necklace, but make sure you pay attention to the design of the chain. Snake chain and chain rope are suitable for those of you who want to look elegant.

Meanwhile, titanium cable chain necklace and box chain are suitable to be combined with pendants. Also pay attention to the shape of your face before choosing the length of the necklace. I have finished my discussion about Tips for choosing the best titanium necklace for women.