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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Tips for choosing the best wig for women

Tips for choosing the best wig for women
Tips for choosing the best wig for women

Wigs are hair extensions used to cover baldness or make hair look thicker. Currently, many women need wigs for fashion, accessories to complete the style, etc.

This time, Edellyn will give tips on choosing the best wig for women.

First of all, I will share the essential points you need to pay attention to before buying the best wig. Here's Edellyn's full explanation:

Choose the best wig based on the material

Maybe you are wondering, how much do women's wigs cost? Different materials have different advantages and different prices on offer. Women's wigs are made from synthetic materials; there are also products made from natural human hair.

Synthetic wigs, at an economical price to look stylish

Synthetic wigs are wigs made of artificial fibers. Compared to natural hair, these synthetic wigs cost much less. However, this type of wig cannot be colored or colored like normal hair. There are also wigs made of fiber. Although the color cannot be changed, fiber wigs can be straightened or rolled at temperatures up to 180 degrees.

Human hair wig, which has a character that is easy to style

Well, if this human hair wig uses natural hair, it can be more easily styled. You can change the color, crop it, or even stamp it. Machine-stitched human hair wigs are non-replaceable. But human hair is also 100% sewn by hand, aka hand-knotting. With a hand-knotting wig, you are free to adjust the direction of your hair as you wish.

Choose the best wig based on the model

You must choose the wig model according to the intended use. Some wigs function to cover baldness, make the hair appear thicker, or be used as accessories.

Full hat wig type: Can cover the whole head area

This women's wig model is a wig commonly known by many people. Full cap wigs have cloth or lace inside in a cap like a hat that covers the entire head area. How to use this wig is very practical. You just need to insert the sheath into your head.

Half wig type: Can cover a particular area on the head

As the name implies, a half wig is a wig that is made to cover specific areas of the head. This wig is sometimes known as a hair extension clip or hair clip extension for the back of the head. This type of hair clip extension has several styles. Hairpin extensions can also make your natural hair look more glamorous.

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Meanwhile, this half wig is very similar to a wig to cover the upper head area. The difference lies in the width of the fabric area and the model. The width of the fabric on a half wig for the upper head area is about 17 cm x 19 cm. Then, this model gives volume focused on the crown area and the back of the hair, and when using half wigs for women, you have to adjust the wig in the area you want to apply. So you have to be careful when putting it on so that the wig doesn't tilt.

Toupee Type: Can cover the upper head area

A toupee wig is the most undersized cloth covering the head, about 16 cm x 18 cm only. Using this type of wig is to cover the head at the top center.

Clip-on bangs type: Can cover the forehead area

There are also wigs with clip bangs or popularly known as clip-on bangs. This type of wig is partial hair used to decorate the forehead area. Clip-on bangs are usually worn as an accessory or cover the forehead area with acne.

For fashion, my advice is to consider colorful wigs

In addition to natural colors such as black or brown, many wigs also have striking colors. For example, red, dark blue, pink, and so on. You can use wigs with different color gradations to support your appearance. It could be that you like changing hair colors and don't want your natural hair to be damaged. Buying a colorful wig is the right move for you.

Choose by type of hood

Next, choose a wig based on the type of veil. There are three types of wig hoods, namely non-lace, lace, and monofilament. The type of veil also affects how much the hairpin costs, you know!

Non-lace wig type: Hair is sewn onto the fabric using a machine

A lace-free wig is a wig that is sewn onto the hood using a machine. This type of wig is widely sold in various colors and styles. The price can be said to be pocket-friendly. If you want something different to change the appearance of your hairstyle with a different style or hairstyle quickly without spending a lot of money, use this type of wig.

Lace wig type: Hair sewn over transparent lace

The lace-type wig uses transparent lace on the inside, making the air circulation to the head more smoothly. This wig is also easy to adjust to the hairline around the forehead. The trick is to cut the lace all the way to the end of your hairline. To make it look more natural, use special wig glue to attach the lace ends to your scalp.

There are 2 types of lace wigs that you should know, namely lace front wigs and full lace wigs. A lace front wig is made by a combination sewing machine and hand sewing. It will be easier for you to manage your parting with a lace front wig. But on the other hand, the full lace wig type has a broader coverage area. That way, you are freer to adjust the overall hairstyle. Styling your hair or ponytail is not difficult with a full lace wig.

Monofilament wig type: For sensitive scalp

Choose a wig with a monofilament hood if you have a sensitive scalp. Why is that? Monofilament wigs are made of a fine layer of transparent micro-tissue. Not only that but all hair strands are also sewn by hand.

The combination of the fine mesh and hand knots makes this wig look very natural, like naturally growing hair. Due to these qualities, monofilament wigs are pretty expensive. These wigs can also be used for medical conditions such as chemotherapy treatment.

Check the best wig length and adjust as needed

The last thing to note is the length of the wig. To give the impression of a fresher look, you can choose a short or medium wig with a length of about 30 cm to 40 cm. Meanwhile, if you want to look more elegant, you can choose a wig whose length is about 45 cm to 60 cm.


Have you found a wig that suits your taste? Don't forget to pay attention to the points on choosing which we have explained above before making a choice.

The variety of the best wig models will undoubtedly give a different impression. By choosing the right wig, you will appear more stylish and confident. So many articles about wigs for women this time. Hopefully, my write-about information on the best wig I provide can help you choose the right wig.